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After a lifetime of teaching art to secondary college students in Melbourne, which was a demanding as well as an  inspiring way of life, we have moved to the Northern Rivers of NSW...

I badly wanted to become an artist when I was a child – but I lacked the confidence to risk it, and I got married too young. Life has been happy for me and I have a wonderful family and friends, but I was way too busy to make art consistently.  I worked hard at helping my students and that was satisfying indeed, to see some of them blossom and achieve great things in the world of art after they left school. But I always made art (only not nearly enough) otherwise life wouldn’t have made much sense.

I have published a number of articles and texts for art education, and I do enjoy talking and writing about art, but although this gave me some satisfaction during my years as an art teacher, it was the practice of art which enticed me and gave me inspiration. 

Themes that I have been working through in recent years include exploring ideas of different dimensions, so that organic life forms merge and the membranes between alternative universes begin to leak into each other…a bit quantum mechanics and science fiction blended with botanical drawing. These ideas are incorporated in a series of works which I have called 
'Becoming'. This show is presently on exhibition at the Tweed River Gallery in Murwillumbah NSW. 

I have included some of these works on these pages. 

Life Drawing is also a passion of mine. I consider drawing the fundamental of all good thinking about art.

Drawing is thinking made visible - whether that be the tangible evidence of intellectual struggle with the subject or an emotional response to the world. Drawing does what nothing else can manage - like music it is an intangible and magical part of human nature to made marks which have meaning, which can describe and elucidate what would be impossible to articulate otherwise. 

I love making ceramic sculptures, esp funky cats, medieval castles and clocks with athletic clowns and other inhabitants of the Northern Rivers climbing up their sides. I also produce vessels – hand built, inspired by botanical images, in Uki even the weeds can be beautiful (although I take great pleasure in ripping them from the earth at our place!) Presently also a series of blue and white vessels, mermaids emerging.

(Mermaids are completely nonsensical but continue to inhabit my work - my friend who was a passionate scholar of Celtic lore and legends told me that this is significant ...I don't quite understand but think she must have been right!)


'Mermaid' 2012